Artletics is an artists’ initiative that promotes a healthy and holistic lifestyle among artists. It started in 2009 as a sports festival, and has since evolved to annual sports and wellness event that includes lectures and workshops on art, health and other social issues.  

In the spirit of holistic living, Artletics extends the promotion of individual physical wellness to the well-being of the artist’s community and the environment. Artletics enjoins artists to flex their creative muscles and engage in relevant issues and ideas in Philippine society, by sponsoring and organizing art exhibits, events, and other venues for this cause.  
Artletics was a major proponent of the Project Bakawan Arts Festival 2015 in UP Diliman, a month-long festival that tackled environmental concerns; Body+Art, a traveling visual arts exhibit on  HIV awareness; and Daloy, a visual arts exhibit with the Jose B. Vargas Museum inspired and challenged by the concept of  flow/movement.